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Sustainable Building Production


Local materials and local industry / Self-building


For a sustainable society in the future, we will examine ways to utilize natural materials available in various regions and local technologies cultivated in town factories.



Construction Method for Mounting Earthen Blocks



Earth is a resource that exists everywhere on the earth, and there is little concern about its depletion. The resource recycling and moisture absorption/desorption properties of earth, which is only dried and solidified, are advantages that can be utilized in future construction. In Japan, the mud-bamboo wall construction method, which consists of layers of earth, has been mainly used, but it has many limitations in terms of construction period and cost. In other countries, a wide range of using earthen materials, such as rammed earth and sun-dried bricks, but many of them are assembled and are not suitable for Japan, which is an earthquake-prone region. On the other hand, the use of block-shaped earth units has the potential to free us from difficult techniques and constraints in terms of construction period and cost.

In this study, we develop a construction method that can be easily installed in building and ensures structural safety. The effect of the details of the proposed method on the structural safety will be investigated.





Building materials made of Masado


Building with reeds or bamboo

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