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Indigenous Architecture



Utilization of materials / Relationship with climate, culture, and history / Vernacular


Architecture that has developed in a unique way in a region, materials and construction methods that are inevitable and created in the climate, culture, and history of the region are used. We will conduct research to decipher the production techniques of such architecture and pass them on to future generations.


Mud and Stone Masonry Construction


​本研究は,足利大学 中村航研究室,岐阜女子市立短期大学 畑中久美子先生,京都工芸繊維大学 村本真研究室との共同研究として行っています.

This type of construction, in which mud and stones are piled up, is rare in Japan, an earthquake-prone region. However, there are rare cases of its use in the construction of storehouses and huts, and it has been confirmed in various regions west of the Kinki region. The purpose of this study is to understand the background of the construction of mud and stone masonry structures, and to clarify the construction methods, materials used, and construction techniques that have not been well documented. 


Mud and Timber Construction

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