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House of nesting material

2023~ 進行中





This project is a proposal for building and repairing a dwelling by collecting materials and parts available nearby, just as birds build nests.

The site is located in Ogawa-machi, Saitama Prefecture, a town rich in nature, where an 80-year-old one-storey old house is to be extended and reconstructed. The materials available in the area around the site are wood from the old house and natural materials, which will be used as the main 'nesting materials'. Nesting materials are difficult to handle because of their varied shapes and sizes. They also have a 'weakness', so to speak, that is far different from the stable quality and high performance of recent general construction materials. However, if this 'weakness' is left as it is, i.e. the raw material is not highly processed or transformed, it will not leave a mark on the earth after use.

This project proposes to use weak materials as they are, and to use them in a way that accepts their dismemberment. For example, the exterior walls are made of pieces of timber planks for the interior finish, while insulation units made of plant material packed in jute bags are exposed to the outside. By exposing the weakest material, it is easier to identify damage and care for it. To protect the weakest material, a large roof is applied, and the semi-outdoor space under the roof's eaves is designed to provide a wealthy living space that is softly connected to the external environment, and a space for repairing the nesting material.

The resident who designed and constructed the house is a researcher of building construction methods and materials, and visits indigenous mud huts in various areas of Japan. These huts, built by amateur construction using materials from nearby areas, are allowed to warp and crack, and even though the materials are weak, they have stood the mark of time by the hundredth of a year. The project experiments with these huts, which have been forgotten by modern architecture, which focuses on efficiency, quality and performance, in their own homes.


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